Cybersecurity is rarely static. The constantly changing nature of the cyber threat landscape means security teams must regularly update their skills and knowledge. This makes training an essential component in creating a dynamic approach to security. PROTEQME takes a cohesive approach to security training that combines specialist programs for security teams alongside broader awareness-raising campaigns.

An organization’s defense is only as strong as its weakest link. All employees must, therefore, play a role in mitigating security threats. Cybersecurity awareness training for non-security professionals is becoming an essential component of reducing risk.

Employees from across an organization are getting tricked by sophisticated phishing or social engineering methods and too often provide an easy first entry point to sensitive information and data systems. PROTEQME’s cybersecurity awareness programs provide an extensive set of security awareness services to train corporate executives and secure their data.

We complement awareness training with specialist programs for security teams to build subject-matter expertise.

For example, our Web Application Security program sets out how to integrate security throughout the entire software development lifecycle. The course offers a comprehensive action plan for each stage of a project. This ensures robust security is integrated throughout the development of software applications, rather than added as an afterthought.

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