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Social Engineering Attack Simulations

The human factor is the biggest risk for the information in your IT environment. Companies constantly seek to enhance their technical security implementations to prevent cyberattacks. However, threat actors target the company where the security is most neglected – the users.

Social engineering is employing the use of deceptive techniques to manipulate individuals into divulging sensitive information.

Transactions and interactions in every organization typically involve many people. Criminals are slick and will actively use social engineer tactics to target anyone associated with your organization with the intent to exploit them to gain access to sensitive information.

PROTQME offers core social engineering services to test human susceptibility to persuasion and manipulation.

Some of our campaigns:

  • Spear-phishing to high-level executives (e.g. CEO fraud campaigns)
  • Phishing emails with the purpose of stealing login credentials.
  • Malware (e.g. ransomware) delivered by e-mail.
  • Spear-phishing personnel with high privileges.
  • Drive-by attacks.
  • Phone calls with the purpose of extracting sensitive information.
  • Phone calls with the purpose of influencing the employee to perform an action (e.g. create an account).
  • Physical intrusions (e.g. to photograph sensitive data or plant a rouge device).

Who needs Social Engineering Attack Simulations?

Cybercriminals use Social Engineering To Penetrate An Organization’s infrastructure since the human factor is still the weakest point in any defense system.
54% of data breaches are caused by the negligence of workers or contractors clicking on suspicious emails and websites, this figure is up from 48% last year.


  • A teachable moment
  • Awareness insights over time
  • Standardize reporting of phishing

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