What’s Included

Eagle Eye WAF is retailed in four packages:

  • Basic Package
  • Enterprise Package
  • Premium Package
  • Custom Package

Which package should I buy?

Based on business size, complexity and preferences, we have created packages for EVERY business.

Whichever package is used, every business needs some form of security.

  1. Basic Package: A light weight, affordable and accurate WAF for your website with a practical affordable SOC(security operation center)
  2. Enterprise Package: Useful for all kinds of organizations that want to have full control of visitors, monitor bots and live traffic along with a SOC and Firewall.
  3. Premium Package: Suitable for companies in need of a high grade security solution. Using our double layer protection methodology, our unique Web Application Protector and Firewall helps protect your website from all OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities among a plethora of functions. Due to this, the possibility of successful attacks even after bypassing our Firewall is close to impossible.
  4. Custom Packages: Need something customised? Reach out to us here.

Time Duration

All Eagle Eye packages are available in 3,6,12 Month Subscription Plans.

What’s Included

The following is standard for ALL plans:

  1. 24×7 Support for the entirety of the plan duration.
  2. UNLIMITED Installation. Once any Eagle Eye plan is bought, it can be installed on an unlimited number of subdomains.
  3. A virtualized SOC(Security Operations Center). The Eagle Eye Application offers an entire virtualized SOC, view all your data in one consolidated place.
  4. Eagle Eye can be installed with ease on ANY kind of hosting plan, dedicated, shared or private server.
  5. Updates to ensure the item works as described and is protected against major security concerns.

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