Installing Eagle Eye WAF

The easiest WAF to install, configure and integrate! Installing Eagle Eye WAF is a piece of cake.

Let’s get started!

Once Eagle Eye WAF is purchased and the package is downloaded, follow the following steps to install Eagle Eye WAF:

  1. Log into your hosting provider’s account / cPanel / hPanel.
  2. Go to the file manager and find the public_html folder.
  3. Create a folder in ‘public_html’ and give it a name (eg. proteqme-waf).
  4. Upload the file and extract it’s files in the folder you made. In our case we extracted those files in the proteqme-waf folder.
  5. Create a MySQL database (Hosting provider can assist you).
  6. Fill in the database name, database username and password and create your database(Note these down, as you will need these details to connect Eagle Eye to your database!)
  7. In your browser visit your website URL/folder name. In our case, if our website URL is our subfolder name is ‘proteqme-waf’, we should visit
  8. Now, the Eagle Eye’s installation will come up. Fill out the relevant information.
  9. You can leave Table Prefix as it is. Click Next. 
  10. Enter a Username and a strong Password and click Next.
  11. Delete the install folder and press ‘Continue to Eagle Eye’.
  12. Now for logging in to admin dashboard visit
  13. Include two files, ‘config.php’ and ‘eagle-eye.php’ in a main php file of your website like header php file or config php files which are used in all pages of your website.

License Activation

  1. Once Eagle Eye WAF is installed on your server, the license is automatically activated.
  2. Eagle Eye WAF will inform you when your subscription expires.
  3. To renew/upgrade your plan, visit the Subscriptions tab in your Proteqme Account.

Common Installation Issues

The only confusing phase of the installation is in the ‘Integration’ phase.

Depending on what PHP application platform you are using it may differ.

How we help

We at Proteqme want you and your business to be safe and secure!

We help you get started with Eagle Eye WAF in three ways:

  1. Read all the documentation
  2. Our Ticketing System via Proteqme Support.
  3. Our team will install and set up Eagle Eye WAF for you at a very low cost. A complete installation by our team will get you up and running in no time!

**Please Note: Our Support Team will not install Eagle Eye WAF for you, only guide you through the process of doing it yourself.

To receive Support refer to this article.

For a complete installation, reach out to us here.

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