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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The working of our WAP (Web Application Protector).

    Eagle Eye’s Web Application Protector is integrated in to the source code of your PHP website in order to sanitize the input parameters used insecurely by programmers in your web application. This way it can protect your website even when attackers bypass the WAF. Vulnerable input parameters are used by threat actors and hackers to HACK your website. After integrating EAGLE EYE into the code, it repairs these input parameters automatically in order to make your website secure.

  • In the case of a server breach, how is Eagle Eye's Code protected?

    Eagle Eye’s source code is completely obfuscated and hashed. This way, in case an attack gains access to the server, Eagle Eye is still secure and cannot be compromised.

  • Which package is suitable for whom?

    We offer three packages for Eagle Eye, namely: Basic, Enterprise and Premium. Understanding which package is needed for a business is essential. Read more: https://proteqme.com/eagle-eye/

  • What are Zero-day attacks? How does Eagle Eye Protect against Zero Day Attacks?

    An unknown vulnerability. A zero-day attack takes place when hackers exploit the flaw before developers have a chance to address it. A zero-day vulnerability is a software vulnerability discovered by attackers before the vendor has become aware of it. Eagle Eye protects its users against Zero day attacks due to our unique WAP(Web Application Protector)

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